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1.0mm pitch, for interface of LCD
FI-X Series

- Board-to-Cable for high density packaging.
- Low-profile SMT type receptacle 1.0mm high on board. (sunk-into-the-board, board face mounting)
- For differential transmission. Precision impedance matching. (100+/-10ohms)
- Excellent in EMI shielding (with metallic shell)
- Polarization for preventing erroneous mating.
- Friction lock type. (20, 30pos.) and Mechanical lock type equipped to lock-lever on cable side plug.
- Mating guide prevents misalignment when connecting. Easy to connect even when it is difficult to check visually.
- For differential transmission.
- Precision impedance matching (100+/-10ohms).
- Pin headers come with hold-down for preventing float up when soldering and offering additional retention on board. The hold-down is incorporated with shell, enabling connection to the ground on board.
- Receptacle with a ground plate on both ends of wire terminal of contact, enabling connection to the ground on board.
- Design ensuring correct grounding.
- Crimp type cable plug for discrete wire, ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) type for FPC, and fine-wire coaxial type. (We can supply various cable harnessed connectors such as twinax. Please consult us.)
- ZIF configuration for FPC. No force is directly applied when inserting FPC. Easy to operate. The shell is connected to the ground on one side of FPC when inserting it.
- Receptacles can be supplied in embossed tape.

Tooling list
 FI-X series
  General specification
Number of positions 30
Rated current 1 A
Dielectric withstanding voltage 500 VACr.m.s. (1 minute)
Insulation resistance 100 megohms min.
Contact resistance 40 milliohms max.
Applicable cable crimp type: #36 to #30 AWG (discrete wire),
ZIF for FPC type: 1.0 mm pitch FPC/ 0.14 mm thickness,
solder type: #40, #32 AWG (fine-wire coaxial)
Operating temperature range -40 Deg. C to +80 Deg. C
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